Chimer Clark for congress
Chimer Clark for congress



About Chimer Clark


Chimer Davis Clark, Jr. was born October 7th, 1963, in Fort Knox, Kentucky. He is the son of Chimer Davis Clark and the late Joyce Marie Clark. His father was a career Air Force veteran who climbed through the entire enlisted structure, E1-E9 and then became a commissioned officer, finally retiring as a Captain in the USAF after 30+ years of service.

As a result of being raised in the military here is a list of the places he lived prior to his 17th birthday: Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Netherlands, Texas, Virginia, Missouri.

He is part Native American (albeit a small part) and a member of the Cherokee tribe of Oklahoma. You wouldn’t know it to look at him, with his pale complexion and bald head, but it is true!

In direct response to the taking of American Embassy Hostages by Iranian militants in November of 1979,he joined the United States Marine Corps on his 17th birthday in 1980. Two weeks after his graduation from High School in June of 1981 he arrived at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. With the election of one of the greatest men to ever serve as president, Ronald Reagan, the Iranian Hostage crisis had passed, but the desire to serve his country remained the same.

In 1982, as a young Marine Aviation Ordnance-man, he came to be stationed at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.

Thus began his 37 year love affair with Eastern North Carolina.

After his enlistment in the USMC ended honorably at the age of 21, he ventured out into the unknown, as all must do at some point. He eventually landed a job working at an electric motor shop in Morehead City. Three years later he left to work part-time at UPS. While working at UPS he attended Craven Community College, in New Bern, NC, where he earned his Associate in Science degree. Physical injury ended his time at UPS and with his degree from Craven Community College complete, he transferred to North Carolina State University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. After completing his Junior year at NCSU, the demands of life and the need of finances altered his path once again, causing him to start his own electric motor repair business in 1992. That business continues to this day—almost 27 years later—but has evolved to include generators, electric motors, pumps, controls, and NC unlimited electrical contracting.

He has been married to his wife, Tatiana, for over 12 years. He has four children, all grown, in whom he is immensely proud: Jeremy, Caitlin, Chimer III, and Egor. He has one grandson, Frederic, and a granddaughter on the way.

Thus the biographical narrative ends and the personal representation of Chimer Davis Clark, Jr. begins.

In the words of Chimer Davis Clark, Jr:

Eastern North Carolina has a vastness of splendor that words and photographs fail to capture in its enormity. Aside from the sheer beauty of our home it is the people that reside here that ultimately make it such a joy to dwell here. The people are a wonderful fabric woven of farmers and fishermen, veterans, active duty and retired military, homemakers, working moms and dads. All regular, by and large honest people. Our home is a place of small and large businesses striving to create a landscape of opportunity and growth.

Herein rests the bulk of my desire and dedication to election to the US House of Representatives.

  1. All of the greatness of our home is threatened by a Federal Government that has become too far-reaching in its relentless lust for control. The Federal government has driven the National debt beyond 22 trillion dollars—that is the most glaring and perhaps only example required to grasp that the Federal Government has lost all understanding of the need for national fiscal responsibility.

  2. I desire a better representation for the men and women who have served our country. It is a travesty to abandon those who have given so much, even their very lives, in the service of our country. I have been a member of our Armed Forces. I grew up in a military family. I understand the men and women of our country and refuse to allow them to be forgotten. Talking alone will not help, action must be taken on their behalf.

    My desire for being elected to the US House of Representatives is to be a voice for greater support of the Veterans of the country. I have dealt personally with the inattentiveness of the Veterans Administration.The Veterans Administration has many admirable people in its ranks, so it is unjust to issue a blanket statement that it is completely bad. There are, however, gaping areas of the VA that need repair. That is of primary significance to me in my pursuit of this elected position.

  3. Business has become more costly and less profitable for owners and employees in large measure because of bureaucratic intervention. Bureaucracy and regulation must be scaled back for the endurance of freedom and liberty.

    Are laws necessary? Of course they are, but excess of regulation does not create the efficiencies that the intelligent people of Eastern North Carolina demand.

  4. Finally, in this brief declaration of Chimer Davis Clark, Jr., is this:

    The United States Constitution is the heart and soul of the United States of America. Its very existence and adherence enriches the lives of the citizens of the United States of America. It was written for the citizens of our great land, to guide us and be our light when the darkness is heavy. It was not written for other nations so it is not of our concern whether they understand it or even agree with it. WE are the United States of America and the Constitution is the governing framework of our land. If other lands don’t understand it or agree with any part of it, too bad for them. For me I stand with it and for it until I take my final breath.


Chimer Davis Clark, Jr for US House of Representatives from NC district 3